A simpler morris life

Ditch the spreadsheets, the online polls and the scraps of paper.

Finally, a service for morris sides where everything is gathered in one, easily accessible place.

It’s excellent. We were using Doodle Poll prior to this - Morrisbook is much, much better - easier to use and better for getting a clear overview of who’s available for what.

Everything your morris side needs, in one place

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See who's available for every dance-out.

Safe Updates

Members update their own availability for potential and confirmed dance-outs (Yes, No, Maybe, Non-Dancer) without the risk of changing anybody else's entries.

Total Numbers

Easily see whether there are enough dancers and musicians to accept an invitation.

Split Days

Weekend events can easily be split into separate days for those who can only make some of the days.

Group Synchronisation

Members can be included in the lists of both the dancers and the musicians with updates automatically and intelligently synchronised between the two groups, so if a dancer/musician specifies that they are a non-dancer for a particular event, they are not added to the total number of dancers, but they are still added to the total number of musicians.

Details of each Dance-Out

Include start and end times, details of the location and anything else members need to know.

Add to Calendar

Quickly add a dance-out to your own digital calendar (including Google, Apple and Outlook).

Google Maps

Automatically create a link to Google maps showing the location of the event.

Your personal morris diary

See which dance-outs you've committed to. And which you might do, or already declined.

What I've said I'll do

The ones you've already said yes to on the availability page.

What I might do

Dance-outs you either haven't indicated availability for, or you've put a 'maybe'.

What I'm not doing

Those you've said you can't do.

See the status of every dance-out.


Dance-outs which the team is still deciding whether to do.

Coming Up

Those the side is committed to doing.

Already Done

Dance-outs that already happened earlier this year.

Turned Down

The ones the team decided not to do.

Archive and Learning Resource

Both an archive of dances the team does (or has done) and a perfect learning resource for new joiners


Include a private video just for internal consumption within the team.


An audio file to help musicians learn the tune.


The formal written notation for the dance.

Sheet Music

Separate file of sheet music, if required.

Library of Important Documents

A place to store and share documents between members.

Perfect for AGM minutes, kit lists and the constitution.

Members List

A single place to hold contact details for team members.

Privacy Assured

If there are particular concerns about privacy, you can decide to hide this page, or individual members can choose to hide their own details.

Perfect for Joint Teams

That is, two teams who usually dance out together, probably with shared musicians.

Separate Groups

Each side appears as a separate dance group on the availability lists, with just one group for the musicians.

Match your Team Colours

Customise the pages to match your side's colours.

Separate Page Editors

Administrators can appoint roles to different members to allow them to edit specific pages.

For example, the secretary or bag person could add details of dance-outs, while the foreperson could maintain the dances page.

It's entirely up to you how you share responsibilty for maintaining your Morrisbook.

Designed for All Screen Sizes

Reponsive design means that the page format adapts to match the size of the screen being used.

So, whether it's a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet or a phone, Morrisbook will always look its best with easy intuitive navigation.

What they're saying about Morrisbook

"We’ve found it invaluable in organising our dance outs, and it’s been great to have somewhere to store our dance notation and videos to help our newer members pick up the dances."

"We have just started using this and at the moment most of our members are happy with it, I'm sure in a while we will all wonder how we did without it."

"We have recently started using it too. Great app for mobiles too."

"A fantastic system, has revolutionised our communication with dancers and musicians. A great added feature is being able to upload videos, so new dancers can watch the dances in their own time and practice them."

"We’ve just started using it and it’s great-one place for pretty much everything you need as a side, very clear, user friendly ."

"Morrisbook has been a saviour, all our teams use it and anyone can see at a glance who is going, where they need to be and what time. Thoroughly recommended."

"[Morrisbook] has significantly reduced the amount of work and nagging we have to do to get people to sign up to events. Thank you for sharing it, it's a brilliant solution."

"This continues to be one of the best apps I have encountered."


Sign up free for the first six months

Enjoy Morrisbook completely free for the first six months.

After that, the amount you pay depends on how many members you want to be able to set up.

Number of Members Annual Subscription

Get started in just four easy steps


Set up Your Team

Create your own Morrisbook site, choose the colours and configure which pages you initially require.


Add Members

Add each of your members to your Morrisbook site. They will receive an email inviting them to sign in.


Assign Roles

Decide who should be able to edit each of the pages and assign them the necessary roles.


Add Content

The page editors can get to work adding details of dance-outs, practice sessions, your dances and documents.


Single Team

Find your way around a single team site. Any changes you make will be discarded.

Joint Teams

Two sides dancing together with shared musicians. Updates will not be saved.

About Us - well, me actually!

My name's Chris Hall and and I've been a dancer and musician with two different sides, where I've also served time as squire, foreman, secretary, band-leader - you name it! I was also an IT professional and designed and developed Morrisbook over a number of years when I realised that there must be a better way of organising a morris team (if that's not an oxymoron!).

Having inside knowledge of the way a side works means that Morrisbook has a number of morris-specific features not available in more general purpose team organisation apps.

In its current form it's been used by The Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tuppenny Dish since 2021, and is now being used by over fifty sides throughout the UK, Australia and the US.

If you want to know more before you give it a go, just email .